Magic Manifestation Journal | 30 Day Guided Law of Attraction Journal

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This 30 day guided manifestation journal helps you to get into vibrational harmony with what you want through daily journal prompts where you will "write as if you already have what you want."

The secret to having what you want is to vibrate with it, i.e., "act as if" until it shows itself in the physical. 

This journal walks you through choosing what you'll focus on over the next 30 days, crafting the perfect affirmation statement that uses the magnetic power of desire. 

Each day you will write out what you're thankful for, you will celebrate yourself and you will finish the journal prompt as if you already have what you want. 

Happy Manifesting!



This journal was written to also incorporate the energies of the planets into your manifesting power. 

The journal prompts start on a Saturday continue throughout the week to incorporate the properties and themes of each day of the week through that day's planetary ruler. This is not explained in the actual journal... buuutttt.. I felt like I should give y'all a heads up :) :)

To explain, each day the prompts are wanting to bring out the following energies through the way the question is written. For instance, since the moon (planet of emotions and instincts!) rules Mondays, the prompts on Mondays are more reflective and emotional and ask you to get in touch with your emotional side. On Tuesdays, ruled by Mars (the action taker!), the prompts are asking you to talk about the actions you took to 'get where you are now,' or the actions you'll take now that you have what you want.

The properties of the days of the week are:

Saturday: Saturn - Structure, law, discipline, responsibility, ambition

Sunday: Sun - Consciousness, Vitality, Stamina, Ego

Monday: Lunar (Moon) - Unconsciousness, Emotions, Instincts, Habits, Moods

Tuesday: Mars - Aggression, Sex, Action, Desire, Competition, Courage, Passion

Wednesday: Mercury - Communication, Mind, Intellect, Reason, Language, Intelligence

Thursday: Jupiter - Luck, Growth, Expansion, Optimism, Abundance, Understanding

Friday: Venus - Attraction, Love, Relationships, Art, Beauty, Harmony