90 Days From Now Manifestation Planner

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This daily, weekly, monthly manifestation planner has all that you need to see your manifestations come to life. 

  • You first start by doing an agreement with your higher self - a spiritual commitment that you will honor yourself and your desires by completing the planner. 
  • Next you will do an in depth life review process whereby you identify your hearts true desires as well as get radically honest about what is *not* working in your life. 
  • You will then write a list of goals that are achievable within 90 days, and choose your top 1-3. (Note on this: We believe in the impossible around here! We believe in setting incredible goals that will wow you. We believe you can be, do and have ANYTHING that you set your mind to. We also believe in honoring the laws of the universe and what is physically "possible" - i.e., you would not set a goal in January to get pregnant naturally and have a baby all in the next 90 days - you would honor that you must be pregnant for a substantial amount of time before you birth a beautiful healthy baby.)
  • You will use the pages marked "vision board" to add or draw photos of your manifestations that are on their way.
  • Next you will use your monthly, weekly and daily planners and work to achieve your goals. You may use the monthly, weekly or daily or ALL - it is up to you. (Note from the author: I use all!

Why this planner works:

  • You will be using a beautiful and sacred mix of spiritual vibrational practices to align yourself vibrationally with your desires as well as real world action. Through your spiritual practice, you will be asking for guidance on exactly *which* action steps to take to achieve your goals. 
  • We focus on giving back. When you give, the universe hears that you are abundant and reflects that energy back to you in the form of abundance. 
  • We focus on "big leaps" - YES, we take HUGE steps to achieve our goals. In these weekly and daily big leaps, you'll be taking a huge step you might have before deemed "impossible" "scary" or "out of your league" - these "big leaps" can also be called "shoot your shot" - because you'll be shooting for the sky in these actions, thereby pushing you forward. 
  • Success Psychology: Daily you will be focusing on what went *right* - the more you focus on what went right and congratulate yourself for the little things, the more you will be propelled towards *excellence in action*. 
  • Success Psychology: You will be writing out your goals two times a day, and research shows those who write down their goals have a higher percentage success rate in achieving them. We are working with our hippocampus and our subconscious mind here to re-program yourself towards the correct actions to take to achieve our goals. 
  • Daily Gratitude: You will be asked to write down your gratitude list - this list will keep you in vibrational harmony with "blessings" and you will continue to attract things in your life in which to be grateful.