Cash Me Out, Universe! 40 Day Money Manifestation Challenge

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Unblock Your Money and Experience a Supernatural Increase! 

Unlock Your Personal Prosperity Now

I don’t know about you - but uncertain times can certainly bring about a shake in faith. 

Right now, with the unemployment rate at a record high, and threats of more changes to the economy, money fears are running rampant

Even the most savvy manifestors who know its all an “inner game” can get caught up in the fear that feels challenging to escape. 

Once we’re caught up in this fear and have succumbed to a scarcity mindset, it can manifest itself in undesirable ways like the loss of income, unexpected bills, or reduction in clients or work hours.

Which amps up the worry and manifests itself in other areas of our life and affect our mental health, physical bodies and our relationships. It can disrupt our sleep, cause panic attacks, and/or worse, if we experience this loss - we won't be able to feed our families.

At this point we may lose hope completely in our abilities, giving our power away and living a life feeling like we are completely powerless to change the situation. 

In order to get around this, we often need a shakeup in our timeline by inviting in the supernatural to get us back in the path of flow. Or perhaps, maybe you’ve never been in the flow with money and you’re ready to start now. 

This is why I would like to invite you to join me in my newest supernatural money manifesting solution…


It’s where we take back our power from the fears that are running rampant and constantly promoted via the news, social media, our people - 

Because, this doesn’t have to be us. We know that when we put our money in the hands of the supernatural, miracles occur. Scarcity mindset will turn into physical, tangible abundance. 

If you look around you, there are examples of people thriving during this pandemic. These people have seen that their increase can come out of nowhere

But us creators know that it wasn’t just “nowhere,” it was that these people were tapped into the stream of lavish abundance. 

In my friendship circle alone, I’ve seen (during this pandemic):

-Me: Record level months of sales in my ecommerce business, and out-of-the-blue sales from revenue streams I haven’t seen a drip in in 2 years!

-My friend opened up a salon and is filled with clients already (they’re staying safe & covid free)

-Other friend just landed a 6 figure job TODAY (at the time of me writing this)

-Another homie got a raise

-My sister (dear god she’ll be mad I’m putting this out) got a raise and promotion at her job

-And one of my coaches is launching new programs, making $50k months already, to be scaled up to 6 figure months really, really soon.

Abundance is there, if you tap in. 

Abundance is a choice, just like scarcity is a choice. 

This program is designed to help you tap into the power of the supernatural and get you back into the abundant flow with money.

Whether you’ve got no income at the moment, large expenses, huge debt, or are doing fine and just want more ease and flow with money, this program has you covered. And when I say “covered,” i mean it - you are covered by supernatural forces. 

The supernatural can unblock your money in ways you didn't even know possible. 

For true change to happen on a subconscious and energetic level, it must be tended to for 40 days. In order to experience this supernatural increase, we are going to do a total immersion into abundance for 40 days - call this your "money container." 

You will be with a group of believers who will act as your "cohort" in this mission. 

Allow yourself to experience a supernatural increase, for once and for all. 

Here’s what you’ll get when you join this program: 

  • 40 day challenge filled with daily activities
  • 40 daily journal prompts
  • 4 Live video lessons with abundance hacks for quick results (will be recorded so you can have them)
  • Private facebook community (with believers only!!!!)
  • Daily (weekday only) access to ask Q&A

It's time to allow abundance, the supernatural way!


The program starts on January 1st, 2021!

Join us!