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Please note: This product is seasonal and extremely limited in quantity produced.

Why carry crystals with you all day when you can have your entire body resonating with the frequency of euphoria? And like attracts like so the more you use this bottle, the more euphoric experiences you will attract.

The natural healing properties in the crystals change the structure of the water after only 7 minutes of contact. Our bodies are 70% water, so when you ingest these frequencies, you are, essentially, vibrating them yourself. 

If you’re inspired by the idea of filling one's heart with an overwhelming sense of harmony and peace, Euphoria is a beautiful fit. It is designed to tap into the wellspring of love we can have for ourselves and others. Its abundantly lush green aura radiates with joy and bliss.

Pistachio Opal is said to be cleansing and rejuvenating. Traditionally, in the healing arts, pistachio opal is utilized to activate the heart chakra and therefore said to open and heal the very source of our connections to one another. With an open heart our relationships blossom.