Featured Product: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Manifestation Planner

Manifest your top desires in 90 days or less. 

How Does it Work?

This planner starts off by identifying whats working in your life and whats not through our signature 'life review' and 'life visioning' process of 4 life areas: Relationships, Health, Career and Time & Money Freedom. 

Setting Your Goal

After creating the vision for your life, you will then break this down into your top 1-3 90-day goals! You will then work with vibration and action using our monthly, weekly and daily planner spread. 

Monthly Planner

Each month you will plan our your activities to be in alignment with your new manifestation. If there is something you are calling into being, you will be asked to make room for it vibrationally as well as give back to the universe to get yourself in harmony and flow. You will also be asked multiple questions to help you laser focus your goals and self improvement during the month.

Personal Development Goal Incorporation Every Month

Every month, you will write out your financial goals, new books and learning you'll incorporate, if you'll invest in coaching or education, and how you'll create more energetic space.

Weekly Planner

Plan out your week by identifying what vibration you want to embody and place it on the calendar. Track your weekly habits that support the life you are creating. 

Weekly Habit Tracker & Vibrational Alignment

Each week you'll be asked to chart out on the calendar how you'll vibrationally get in alignment with your desires. 

Daily Vibrational & Real World Action

Daily Vibrational & Real World Action

While Manifesting, you will be working with your vibrational alignment as well as your real world action. The left side of each day's spread asks you to write out gratitude, as well as your affirmations twice, daily. There are also vibrational exercises to get you into harmony with what you are creating.

Left Side of Day Planner - Spiritual and Vibrational Alignment

On the left side of the day page, we will be writing out our gratitude and writing out our goals two times daily. Research shows that high achievers and goal accomplishers write down their goals twice daily.

Right Side of Day Planner

Each day you will focus on 'real world' outer action to accomplish your goal, including giving back and taking a "big leap" that propels you forward.

Weekly and Monthly Review

After each week and month, you will be asked to track your top goals and progress. Identify what worked - do more of it, and identify what didn't work and work to change it. 

Vision Board

Draw or print out images of the goals that you are calling into being. Look at it daily, multiple times a day to change your subconscious mind.